“Gateway transit complete, Captain.  Establishing link to local ScryNet.”

So, what the heck is a ScryNet, you ask?  Well,  from the Wyrmweaver Glossary…

ScryNet – A vast network of EDAR listening posts and EComm transmitter relays used by the Coalition to monitor magical activity and link intelligence assets throughout Coalition territory.

“Captain, we have an incoming EComm transmission from CoalComm, priority one.  Patching through now.”

IMG_1604Greetings and well-met traveller!  Aetherielle here (or Jess, if you prefer).  I’m an artist and writer but, more than anything, I like to create worlds and tell stories about them.  For the past several years I’ve been developing a particular little nugget called Wyrmweaver.  I dabbled with presenting it as a comic book series for a time, however, considering its scope, I finally settled on writing it in novel form.  It’s quite an undertaking for a novice writer but it’s been a labor of love all the way.

I created this blog to chronicle the creation of the series and to share some insights into the development of the world of Elandis and its characters.  The artist in me is never fully content to limit myself to words alone so a good deal of this site will be dedicated to presenting the conceptual and inspirational art that accompanies the story.  I’m a bit of a concept artist at heart, so a lot of what you’ll find here will be design specs for characters, vehicles, costumes and environments.  In this way, I can share my vision for the look of the setting for those who might be interested.  I hope you enjoy what you find here.  Please feel free to post comments and don’t forget to check out the novel on Amazon’s Kindle store.

I am available to do illustration commissions. Contact me HERE if you’re interested or would like more information.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to see you again!