Wyrmweaver Graphic Novel 1

Heya folks! Here’s a peek at the first fully illustrated page for the graphic novel. I’ve settled into a good art workflow but I’m still hammering out how to handle the text. Clip Studio Paint, which is what I use for the art, can handle the text as well but I think that Illustrator will be a better option.

Turns out that breaking the novel down into a graphical format is tricky stuff. The initial temptation is to just follow the book literally, but, much like adapting to film, that just doesn’t work. As a result, even after countless editing passes to simplify the narrative, I’m still having to make hard decisions on what to cut for the visual adaptation. It’s a bit painful but the final result will hopefully be more clear and concise.

This week I’ll be creating the official Facebook page for the book as well as updating my Patreon site, which will have more goodies and art related to the story. I’m also still trying to decide which webcomic service I want to use. So much to do!

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