So I’m waiting for a video to render and I figured I’d toss an update here since I haven’t done so in awhile (for a lot of reasons.) For starters, my internet was down for a week. That was just a result of bill priorities. (I guess my ISP doesn’t like being at the low end of the list). At any rate, by the end of the week I was nearly ready to suffer ingesting McDonalds swill just to leach off their maddeningly slow wifi for a spell. Didn’t do it though, and I survived. Still, I’m pretty sure that internet access sits somewhere between water and food in my survival needs hierarchy, which is honestly kinda sad.

Then, as if my internet withdrawal wasn’t bad enough, I had a mysterious issue with my PC that locked it into a repeating Windows repair cycle for almost two days. Still not totally sure what happened although it seems to be one of the HDD’s failing. Got it running again, backed up the data from that drive, and pulled the plug on it. So I’m down 300 gigs of storage but it’s better than taking the risk of losing work.

At least I managed to do a piece for the MerMay challenge this month. Technically, I guess you’re supposed to do a piece every day but with all the issues and stress I’m glad to have finished one. Anyway, here’s the final version.


I recorded the inking and coloring on this one so once it finishes rendering I’ll toss it up on the YouTube channel. I plan to do another version with commentary for my Patreon page so if you want to see that be sure to sign up. 🙂

Had yet another (this time minor) flood in the apartment this week. Turns out that it was a kitchen pipe in an upstairs unit that burst and leaked down through the wall. That’s four times in the past year that I’ve had water of some sort leaking in here (three of them have come dangerously close to my workstation). I can’t really blame the management. These buildings have been here longer than they have been in charge and work has already begun on replacing all the plumbing. Unfortunately my building is one of the last and not due to be done until late June. In the meantime, I’m debating whether I should build an ark in my living room and store the computers in there just in case.

Been off my anxiety meds for over a week and so far no noticeable effects, good or bad. Still pretty tired, although not the unnatural drowsiness I was having before. Still experiencing the spells of vertigo here and there. Might just be fatigue from all the financial stress. One more week and I’ll contact the doctor and see what he says.

Well, that’s about all. Video’s about finished so, barring any issues, I’ll post it up tonight before bed. Need to get some writing in too but that may not happen today.

Just a little reminder that I am taking commissions for traditional sketches or digital art. Still working on getting an store up online but you can contact me through this page for more information.

So much to do.

Take care everyone!

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