Heya folks! Hope all is well.

I took a couple of days off this week to get my head together. Things have been pretty stressful lately and, while the circumstances haven’t really improved, getting a bit more sleep and chilling out with some games helped some.

I tried not to work too hard but managed to get a few things going. I finally got my Patreon page launched. If you’d like to support my work (and get some extra goodies) check it out HERE or the link in the sidebar. I’d really appreciate it but if you can’t I fully understand. I still love you all and will keep posting here as well.

I also dusted off an old short story and got back to doing revisions. Old timers to the blog might remember it but it’s been out of circulation for awhile now as I decided that it needed a lot of work. It’s a side story for the Sheryl Lanis character in the Wyrmweaver series and gives a little insight into her background.

wyrm BGDC cover small

Lanis loaded the cartridge back into the rifle, then gently ran her hand down the side of the weapon.  As her fingers moved along the smooth, stained, wooden stock, she silently counted off the three distinct gouges carved into the wood. Each represented a single netherdragon kill.

Neds were notoriously hard to bring down. Even specially trained and equipped Shiv Teams like her own rarely did so, and seldom without casualties. Each of those three kills had been hard-won by her squad, and each target had gone down fighting, taking several of her teammates with it.

Her fingers lingered on the third mark. It was only two months old, and still looked fresh, just like the memories. She’d lost three men in that battle. An uncomfortable knot of emotion welled up in her chest.  She forced it back down with practiced determination.

Big girls don’t cry, right?

Well, that’s all I have time for today. Take care everyone!

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