Heya folks! Just a little follow up to yesterday’s musings regarding writing vs. drawing. I spent much of my work day ruminating about how I would go about doing a graphic novel and why I’d want to. The idea is certainly appealing but it would mean literally starting over. I’d have to condense all of my first novel into visual format first, before even beginning to carry on with the story.  That alone was a bit of a deterrent.

Then I considered WHY I’m suddenly taken with this idea of changing course. Firstly, I tend to rely on inspiration to keep me going (I know, not pro). Secondly, lackluster response to the first book kind of dampened my motivation, making me more susceptible to other whims.

I basically got uninspired and well, bored. Failing to see this for what it was, I started looking for other things to get the juices going. Watching other artists working on comic projects got me interested in revisiting the old graphic novel idea. Sounds like a great idea but would likely only result in me getting burned out down the road.

The truth is that one of the main reasons my first book is not garnering much attention is that it’s only part one of a series. Today’s binge-mentality keeps folks from investing in series titles until at least several books are available. Fair enough. I know that I’ve taken too long to get the second one out. Can’t change that now. But I CAN keep going and maybe, just maybe, once book two is done interest will pick up. Of course, one hopes that my writing will improve as well.

A perfectly timed post by fellow blogger Christian Mihai dealing with this very topic of persistence reinforced my determination to stay the course and continue writing. There are at least a handful of people waiting so see how Wyrmweaver continues and I owe it to them to carry on. So, after months of drought I opened Scrivener tonight and cranked out a scene. Only 600 words or so but compared to zero I’ll take it.

I do plan to continue doing art as well. There are the coloring book and ACEO collection to finish, as well as some ideas for prints to sell online. Just bought that new desk and art tools. Can’t just let them gather dust. 😀

So, in closing for today, I think the gloom and doubt is starting to pass. I’m feeling a lot more positive about the future. The adventures of Ryan, Lanis, and Ericka will continue. No going backwards. Take care everyone. Thanks for your support. It really does help.




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