Ericka cb rev 2

Heya folks.  Just wanted to post a little update on the revised Ericka sketch. Not sure what to do with the background yet. Going to let that stew on the back burner for awhile.

My intention had been to ink this traditionally and do a video following the process. I actually did record footage only to realize later that a lot of it was not really usable. I’m not used to working with a camera over my head so, even thought I tested it beforehand, the positioning was not ideal and I was either blocking the work with my head or moving the paper off camera. Oh well. As it turned out, I wasn’t really all that happy with the inks anyway and ended up scanning the piece into CSP to redo it, intending to make a vlog about that instead.

Unfortunately, I failed to record the whole process, so I just decided to toss it and try again later. Yeah, I kinda fail at the YouTube thing. Starting to wonder if it’s worth the effort and time. It’s a lot of work to capture and edit the footage. Time that could be spent doing more writing or drawing.

That kinda brings me to my other stressor this week. For the past year or so I’ve had intermittent problems with pain and numbness in my left arm and hand. I thought it was tendinitis from a workout injury. Apparently not. All the symptoms point to an ulnar nerve issue most likely caused by my little Cintiq here. Yeah, my favorite digital drawing tool is tearing up my arm. More specifically, it’s the way I lean on the table in order to use the express keys on the side of the tablet. The 12WX is not adjustable like the larger tablets. It’s either flat on the table or up on the fixed stand (which is how I use it). This forces me to bend over slightly which puts stress on my shoulders. To compensate, I rest my arm on the table edge, thus putting pressure on the nerve along the bottom of my arm. Today at work I could barely make a fist with that hand. Even now, my fingers are a bit numb.

So it may be time to look at getting a larger tablet that can be tilted up in a more ergonomic fashion. Of course, they’re a bit on the salty side so raising the funds isn’t going to be easy. As I mentioned in another post, I am looking at Patreon as an option. Still struggling with the rewards. I don’t want to promise too much but it needs to be worth people’s while. Also trying to get back to freelancing, although I may have to use the old Intuos tablet for digital work. Ugh.

Anyway, that’s enough whining. If anyone wants to help, I’m open for commission work. My gallery link is here. Share away! 😛 Also, don’t forget that Wyrmweaver, Black Clouds is available on Amazon both in ebook and print. Links on to the right. Any sales will help. And I promise that Book Two IS coming.

Thanks so much for your support. The likes are greatly appreciated. Take care and I’ll see ya next post.

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