Heya folks! In keeping with my new minimizing plan, I gave the studio a work over, narrowing things down to just the essentials. Still working on organizing a few things but overall it feels better to me. This side is for art and video work. Off camera is the desk with my macbook for writing. Unfortunately, my PC is doubling as the workstation and my gaming machine, which can be a source of distraction. Working on a solution for that once the budget allows.


Naturally, once I got everything set up I had to see how it felt so I broke out the sketchbook and did a variation on an Ericka illustration¬†for the coloring book. I’m a bit rusty and did WAY too much erasing but I like this version.


Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera going while working since I didn’t really plan on doing it. Oh, well. I’ll make a vid of the inking process.

Take care! See ya next time!

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