Heya folks! Not sure what it is about this apartment and water but I had yet ANOTHER minor flood this week. Water heater this time but, thankfully, not as bad as the sink explosion a few months ago. The sad thing is that the plumbing is all scheduled to be redone in the next few weeks. It just couldn’t wait. So now the place smells like musty socks again (wet carpet is so… yuck.) This time the TV stand was the only real casualty, although a few other things got damp.

2017! Why you hate me so?!

On the bright side, it prompted me to do another round of minimizing. I’ve decided to focus on three primary areas in my life: creative (art and writing), my health (getting back to running), and getting my finances back in order and staying within my means. As such, anything in the apartment that doesn’t directly or indirectly support those goals is gone! Pitched some superfluous furniture (dresser and dining room table) today. Posting the sofa and TV for sale tomorrow. After that I’ll take another pass at the smaller stuff. It’s getting kinda bare in here but I can honestly say that what little remains is useful. Stinky carpet aside, it’s feeling easier to breathe in here. I hope it helps on the creative front.

Had someone randomly come up and ask to buy my book at work the other day. It’s amazing how just one person reading and engaging me about the story has reignited my passion to write. With all the life distractions and my tendency for depressive bouts, I’d lost a lot of creative energy. I know that it’s only a temporary jolt but I’m hoping that after this little jump start the engine will keep running.

Finally picked up a new drafting table and got a better camera mount so I’ve no excuses not to do some traditional art vids for YouTube. Also been working on ideas for a Patreon page. I’ve been hesitant to do it since I feel awkward about taking donations but it might help me get back on a regular schedule. Seems that my self-motivation is lacking and I could use a dose of accountability.

Well, it’s time for bed. I wish it was warm enough to crack a window open. Bleh. Take care, everyone! Over and out. o7

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