Heya folks! I finally started the VLOG series on my YouTube channel. The editing of the first one turned out to be a bit complicated as I had to combine multiple sources and do some voice over work, which required that I learn more about Adobe Audition. It also didn’t help that I recorded my drawing footage in the wrong format and had to convert it. But, after days of work (and watching lots of tutorials) I managed to get the video posted. Check it out at the link to the right or you can click HERE.

Since that ate up most of my free time this week I didn’t get much else accomplished. I did manage to setup a nice list of goals, however, including setting up a Patreon page, an online store, and marketing ideas. More info on those as I work out the details.

GM’ing Pathfinder tomorrow, which is always fun. The party is currently storming a giant stronghold and will be hitting some interesting encounters this session. Can’t wait to see how they handle it. Several players have written up great subplot ideas including some deep character development that is going to be fascinating to play out. I’m glad that they’ve gotten immersed in the story so quickly. If only we could play more often. Waiting a month for each episode is frustrating.

Ok. Gotta run.

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