Heya folks. It’s been a slow week for me, as this cold has sapped a lot of my energy. It seems that the worst is past now so I’m looking forward to getting some work done over the weekend. I also finally switched off of caffeine, blasphemy for a writer, I know, but it’s better for my health, which is one of my priorities this year. So yeah, I’ve been a little tired.

Had been hoping to finish inking the Ericka fight page1
pic for a video, but unfortunately,
when I tried to open my file yesterday it seems to have been corrupted. Usually, I’m quite good about keeping multiple versions of a work in progress (something that was pounded into me during art school) but this time, having been lulled into complacency by CSP’s reliability, I failed to do so. Thus, hours of work were lost to the ether. Lesson learned.

So, temporarily frustrated after my brush with the capricious side of digital art, I dug into my old portfolio looking for inspiration to help me get back on the traditional stuff. Lo and behold, I stumbled across the original pages for my Wyrmweaver comic done, oh, somewhere around 2009, I think. I’ve mentioned before that the Wyrmweaver idea began as a comic book but grew too big for me to realistically do by myself. Thus, the first issue never really got past the penciling stage. I’ve occasionally ripped and repurposed images from the pages but I’ve never posted any of the actual full pages themselves. So, lacking much else to jabber about, I figured I’d share a few random ones. Sorry for the quality. I only had my phone camera available to snap the images.

page3When I did these pages, I’d been watching videos by artists like Dave Finch and Stephen Platt, both of whom do very detailed work. Naturally, I adapted this to my own anime-inspired style to arrive at this particular look. While I’ve improved in a number of areas, I still like this style and it really inspires me to get back to the pencil and pen. I’ve pretty much sworn off of comics (there’s just not much money there for the effort) but I would love to do some more illustration work using a similar technique.

Working on the computer has made me kind of lazy over the years. The ease of making corrections and quickly modify images is great but holding these pages in my hand reminded me how great the tactile feel of paper can be. I’ve been dabbling in my sketchbook but there’s something really amazing about working with a sharp 2H pencil on cold press art board. 🙂page2

If I can get my webcam setup to record my art table I’d like to do some video of traditional work. I tried to set it up using my MacBook to record but my poor little 13″ pro lacks the hardware acceleration to handle decoding the 1080p feed without overheating. My windows workstation can do it, but it’s a bit too far from the art table to be convenient. Still working on how to set everything up in a way that gives the viewer a decent angle without obstructing my workspace. Could be that I’ll have to invest in a different camera mount.

Well, that’s about all for now. It’s getting kinda late and I’ve got one more day at work to deal with yet.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Keep an eye out and I might just sneak a vid up now that I can talk without coughing every few minutes. Cya!

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