Heya folks!

Gosh, has it really been over two weeks since I updated. So much for my goal of two posts per week. Bah, I’ll do better. Promise. Right after I get over this darned cold bug that I caught from work. The office has been a virtual cess pool of sniffling, hacking, moaning, zombies for over a month. I guess it was a vain hope that I could survive eight hours per day in this plague cloud without becoming infected. Thank goodness it wasn’t the flu. I can deal with a scratchy throat for a few days, although it did suck the energy out of my recently restarted workout plan.

After reading Pressfield’s WAR OF ART book, I find that I look at these unfortunate situations a bit differently. I was just beginning to embark on a plan to finish my next novel while giving time to my art, despite the efforts of Resistance to stop me. I cut back my gaming time, set up a schedule to fix my work time, established rules to combat my YouTube addiction, and reorganized my entire evening to give me time to work. So it seems that the enemy has pulled out the big guns by laying on this darned biological attack. Ugh. Now I’ve got to regain some ground.

I worry, though, that I’m spreading myself too thin. I love to write, but I also love to draw and paint. It’s difficult to work on one without feeling that I’m slighting the other. I don’t believe I could give either one up, but I know that it hinders my progress as I split my time between them. It’s a dilemma that’s plagued me for years.

As you can see from the pic above, I’ve been working on setting up the studio to create some new material for the YouTube channel. I’d like to start posting a vlog following my work on the coloring book project and any other artsy things I get going on. I wanted to begin this weekend but, as I currently sound like Gollum, I think I’ll wait for the throat to clear up a bit more.

That’s all for now. Happy (insert whatever cool stuff you’re working on) !! Cya!


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