Heya folks!

The weather’s turning nasty here, relatively speaking. Wet, sticky snow for the most part but it’s going to be COLD tonight so everything should be good and icy in the morning. Prepped for it by running most of my errands today, including a trip to the used bookstore to finally burn off the gift card I got for Christmas. Settled for some straight up reference material this time, although the foray into the Roman period should make for an interesting change from my usual WWII fare.


In addition to that haul, I got another book in the mail today…


This was recommended in a recent VLOG by artist Joshua Kemble and is already proving to be a good read. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to my creative work, and while I don’t expect a book to solve that, the ideas presented by Mr. Pressfield are a fascinating alternative view of a problem that plagues a lot of us. The fact that he frames it as an almost military struggle also appeals to me. I’ve only just started it but I’m already looking forward to trying his approach.

Spent the past couple of days cleaning out drawers and closets in my effort to clear out “stuff”. Finally ditched my lingering (but dwindling) VHS collection as well as my old laserdisc player and movies. That was a bit tough as there are a lot of memories from my Anime collecting days attached to those discs, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually watched one. With a few exceptions, all are available on DVD or Blue Ray now so why cart around the oversized mess. Took all that and some clothes to Goodwill, which felt better than I expected. Still need to make a pass through the kitchen but I don’t think there’s much left. I did a pretty thorough purge of that stuff the last time I moved. So, while I’m sure that I’ll come up with the random thing here and there, the majority of my minimalism overhaul is complete for the moment.

As part of my return to traditional art I picked up a new sketchbook, fresh ink, and a new brush. I haven’t done pen and brush inking in a LONG time so it should be interesting. I also converted my dining room table, which was little more than a clutter collector, into an art table to save space. It’s good to have an area where I can just make a mess and leave it, if necessary. Ready to sit down and break out the pencils!

That’s all for today. Planning to stay in and have a long talk with the muse tomorrow. Stay safe! Cheers!

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