Heya folks.

It’s the last Sunday in January and it seems that Old Man Winter has finally rolled out of bed after hitting the snooze button six times and is now stumbling like a bloke with a whiskey hangover from the bathroom to the kitchen to start on that vital pot of coffee. Only fitful attempts at snow for the past day or so but I think that we can expect more as he gets his act together. Bummer, I was just beginning to like not having to warm up the car in the morning or dig it out from a cocoon of ice.

In a bit of pain today. Walking into the living room last night, I managed to smack my left foot on the edge of the love seat, taking most of the impact on my little toe. I don’t think it’s broken (no discoloration) but it feels like it. Not looking forward to putting on shoes and walking around on concrete floors for eight hours tomorrow. 🙁

It’s not been a very productive weekend for me (in part due to my close encounter with the couch) though I did manage to do a bit more cleaning around the apartment in my effort to rid myself of unneeded baggage. Have another stack of things to take out to the dumpster, mostly old plastic organizers and stuff like that. Funny how much we spend on containers to organize and store all the crap that we never needed in the first place. Self feeding consumerism. Sad really.

Finally took the plunge and deleted my Facebook pages this week, along with Instagram and LinkedIn. None of them were particularly useful to me but it still felt strange to close them down, like I was breaking some social paradigm. Marketing “experts” claim that you MUST be on all these platforms to be successful, but despite my best efforts I just cannot connect with people that way. Not that I’m much better at doing in person either, but at least that feels more real.

Started journaling again, trying to capture my thoughts on a daily basis. I’d strayed away from it when I hit my major depression a couple of years ago, since the entries were just brooding and pointless, only reinforcing the mental cage that I’d put myself in. Not sure what inspired me to pick it up again but I grabbed a fresh notebook and a pen and just started going. It helps, especially with all that’s going on right now. Also, working with pen and paper is very relaxing to me in a way that I’d forgotten. I say this as I sit here typing this on my MacBook. 😛 Oh well.

I’m tempted to weigh in on the flurry of EO’s leaping from the White House but there’s nothing I can constructively add. My fear is that if there are protests against every action the government takes, our thin-skinned, Narcissist-in-Chief will feel compelled to assert his authority and things will get ugly fast. Not that I think we should “keep our mouths shut”, as certain people have suggested, but we need to fight these changes through the system, not just in the streets. Several city governments have already begun playing with anti-protest legislation. How long will it be before we see armed civilians in standoffs with riot police?  And if someone fires a shot? Revolutions have started this way. We of ALL people should realize this (if our education system wasn’t such crap). This isn’t some kind of dystopian future fiction, it’s a real possibility. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Let’s make sure that it doesn’t.

Sorry if that was a little heavy on the doom and gloom. I write apocalyptic fiction so it comes naturally. hehe Usually I have to do historical research for inspiration. Never thought I might be looking at the daily news for it. The thing about most fiction is that there’s alway hope for a good ending. It’s the only reason to keep reading, to see HOW the heroes defeat the great evil, not IF. We’ll get through this, because the alternative is to simply put the book down. Then you’d miss the great ending.

Chin up folks! Take care! 🙂


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