So, I recently finished reading A Matter of Honor by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan. I read a lot of military history, and while generally familiar with the story of Pearl Harbor I was surprised at how little I knew about the events surrounding the principle characters involved. Few stories have so riled my frustration with our nation’s politics as the treatment of Admiral Kimmel.

While I can understand the necessity of keeping secret the existence of the MAGIC code breaking efforts while the war was under way, only self-serving cowardice on the part of senior government officials could account for the continued scapegoating of Kimmel once the war was over. Several times I had to set the book aside, anxious about what infuriating evidence might next be revealed. The fact that, after seventy years, the whole truth is still unknown and the issue of blame unresolved only makes it worse.

It was an excellent, if sometimes discomforting read and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in military history and the darker side of our government.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is our first official step into an ominous future, when the oligarchs take charge and we embark on the great experiment to see if pure, unbridled capitalism can successfully run a nation. I have my doubts, though I’m willing to at least give it the chance.  My fear is that of social backlash as extreme right-wing conservatives take advantage of an indifferent (and in some cases supportive) federal government to take revenge against the minorities that they believe have somehow wronged them. One such poorly veiled attempt has already been made in my home state and while it was quickly shut down, I worry that it was merely a sign of things to come.

In reaction to this, I can only do my best to carry on with my future plans, albeit with a bit more urgency in some cases. I’ve got some pretty big decisions to make but I think all will work out in the long run. I watched an interesting documentary today about minimalism which coincided nicely with the path that I’ve been leaning toward lately. I’ve gradually been weaning myself away from the social noise and focusing on eliminating the “baggage” and distractions of life. I’ve no intention of becoming a hermit or selling off all my possessions, but I’m taking a much harder look at the things that promote value in my life and discarding the rest.

I won’t be able to watch the inauguration tomorrow. There’s work, a meeting with a lawyer, and a hair color appointment (you know, IMPORTANT things). Still, if I can stomach it, I’ll watch highlights of the inane spectacle when I get home. Then I’ll vent by penning some of the dark political bits of my book. 😛

Take care folks!

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