So, it’s Monday December 19, 2016.


With the final vote of the Electoral College, the United States officially embraced its intent to streamline the government by converting it from a “corporate-influenced” state to a fully “corporate-run”one. Apparently this is how one cleans up the lobbyists in D.C. (by bypassing the need for them altogether and just hiring them as staffers). So much more efficient.

In an effort to save face, North Carolina traded away LGBT legal protection for the promise from Right Wing extremists that they won’t discriminate. I’m sure those open-minded, ever-tolerant GOPers won’t just use their congressional majority to clandestinely push through a similar, perhaps more cleverly worded, HB2.1. I mean, that would be, unprecedented, right?

And, not to be outdone by us crazy Americans, a looney Turkish police officer tried to single-handedly toss a full pack of lit matches onto the Middle East powder keg by shooting the Russian ambassador in the back and bellowing every ISIS cliche’ in the book while two other “possibly terrorist” nutjobs detoured their friggin’ truck through a crowd of German shoppers. So, now the world nervously waits to see how many troops Russia decides are necessary to put down these Turkish radicals (“Oh, it’s only police action, comrades.”) while the EU is doubtlessly mulling over how to implement waiting periods and background checks for driver’s licenses.

Seriously, WTH world? Oh, my head hurts. I picked a bad day to quit caffeine.

Sigh. Well, on the bright side, I got the laundry done.

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