Mist Dragons, Masters of Air and Light

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Mist dragons are lithe and graceful, with silvery scales, large feathery wings, and lean, sinuous bodies. They grow to an average body-length of 12 mets.

Their breath attack is an intense sonic blast that can stun a target. They use this ability primarily for hunting, as they consider it barbaric to use in battle. Passive by nature, they will usually attempt to avoid combat, but if pressed will employ their impressive channeling skills and physical attacks.

Mist dragons are philosophers and sages. When not hunting or frolicking in  the high altitude air currents they can usually be found meditating within their mountain lairs, scrying the Flow or simply contemplating a universe beyond the confines of mortal intelligence. They are natural masters of elemental air magic and can weave light into powerful illusions. A number of mist dragons also have a talent with ancient healing magics and stories persist of desperate humans seeking out these beings for curing beyond human channeling ability.

Mist dragons are fascinated by humanity but deeply troubled by the fledgling species’ disregard for the natural order of magic. Most maintain a watchful distance but a few have chosen to act, joining the ranks of the Vahjeraat and using their shape shifting and illusion abilities to pose as human, acting as advisors and informants. While this intervention is technically forbidden by the Tenets, such clandestine maneuvering is grudgingly accepted as a necessary evil by the Deliberative.

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