Heya folks!

Just a quick post with another teaser from book two of the series. 🙂

“Clear ladder!” Sergeant Gil Decardo bellowed, sending crewmen scampering aside as he and his marine squad charged up the stairs to Adamant’s number two deck.  As he scuttled along the cramped corridor he put a hand to his earpiece to hear the information streaming across the ships internal comm network. “… target has compromised control of the ship. Human, female… Engage on sight. Be advised, target is possible metamorphed dragon—species unknown. Channeling threat is high.

“Great,” Decardo muttered. Another damned ‘sparkler’. It didn’t matter. Who the enemy was or how they’d gotten aboard wasn’t his problem. His only concern at this point was to get them the hell off his boat before they could do any damage. This arrogant bastard was about to find out how Coalition marines handled unwanted guests.

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