Heya Folks!

So I went to the mailbox yesterday, hopeful but not expectant, and lo and behold, there was a box from Createspace, a whole day early! My proof was here! I rushed back to my apartment flushed with anticipation-but mostly because it was very cold and, idiot that I am, I was only wearing a hoodie. With frigid fingers I cut the box open, eager to lay eyes on the printed version of my first book and… hmm.

Wow, the cover is dark, like REALLY dark. Okay, we can blame that one on monitor calibration. At least now I have a benchmark, so easy fix.

“Looks like we’ve had our glitch for this mission.” Right? Wrong. Short story, there were issues. Margins, images, weird screening on some of the text-all pretty much due to my inexperience with this platform.

So, a bit despondent but determined, I set about fixing the layout issues and learning the proper way to output a pdf in order to remedy the image problems. Many hours, and much coffee, later, I had a repaired file and updated cover art. All has been sent off and approved-with zero issues this time-and a new proof is on the way, which is due here by Friday (Thursday?) hehe. With luck, everything will look great and the book with be available for sale this weekend. I remain hesitantly hopeful.

In the meantime, here’s an old pencil sketch I dug up from my Wyrmweaver files. Just a little pin-up piece showing Shiv Team Nine posing with their latest kill. The armor styling and weapon designs have changed somewhat since this image was created, which was several years ago, but I still like the overall concept. Maybe I’ll toss it into CSP and turn it into a painting one of these days. Cya’ next time.

shiv team 9

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