stone dragon

Stone Dragons, Masters of Rock and Flame

Stone dragons are, by far, the largest and most physically powerful of the great wyrms. Elder specimens can reach over fifteen mets in height, not including their tail, which nearly doubles their overall length. Their bodies are unusually dense. A full grown stone dragon can weigh several tons—heavy enough to literally shake the ground when they walk.

Unlike other known breeds of wyrms, stone dragons do not possess wings and, therefore, cannot fly. This suits them just fine, as being out of contact with the ground makes them extremely uneasy. When they do need to travel long distances they call upon their affinity with stone to travel via “earth diving”—transporting themselves through the ground in a manner similar to that used by earth elementals.

A stone dragon’s scales are very thick and have a surface texture similar to rock, acting as natural armor and excellent camouflage in their mountainous home environment. A sleeping stone dragon could easily be mistaken for a pile of stones.

Their breath weapon is a blast of fire. One component of a stone dragons digestive acids is a potent form of quasi-magical phosphorous-like fluid. When forcefully expelled, the compound ignites in a high-intensity fireblast.

Stone dragons are masters of elemental fire and Elandric magic—the manipulation of earth and stone—and can sculpt these elements practically at whim. For combat, they carve an intricate pattern of runes directly into their scales, granting them passive defense and enhancement weaves. Each stone dragon’s ‘mantle’ is unique and grows more complex as they mature. When activated, the mantle glows red, like veins of fire, giving the dragon an ominous and frightening appearance. With their powerful physical strength, magical defenses, and active weaves, a stone dragon is fearsome opponent in battle, and few creatures would choose to face one alone.

Of all the great wyrms, stone dragons remain the most amiable to humans. All stone dragons have a strict sense of personal honor and can be very stubborn when it comes to issues of duty. This aspect puts them at odds with the Tenets of Exclusion, which they view as contradictory to their duty as Guardians. Because of this, stone dragons form the largest contingent of the Oathbound, many of whom  actively fight in combat, despite the disapproval of the Deliberative.

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