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HCR 71 C.A.S. “Adamant” Stalwart Class Heavy Skycruiser

Commissioned: 1382

Number in class: 9

Dimensions: length 277 mets; beam 42 mets

Mass: 17,640 tonnes standard 19,220 tonnes full load

Powerplant: 2 x Halder-Vanberg 2200 Series SERA reactors rated at 115kD nominal output each

Maximum Speed: 24 knots

Operational Ceiling: 1,280 mets

Armament: 8 x 40 centimet guns (4×2 Fore & Aft Dorsal & Ventral); 16 x 10 centimet smoothbore cannon (8×2); 12 x 50 mm; 30 x 20mm AA

Small Craft: 2 x AAV-9A Transport LAV’s

Complement: 1,125


During the early years of the Shadowdragon War, the Coalition held a distinct advantage in air power due to their complete monopoly on skycruiser technology. That changed after cycle 1373 when several major principalities of T’Lanth broke away and declared fealty to the Imperium, giving the enemy access to skycruiser docks and the ships currently in service with those nations.

Until this time, Coalition skycruiser design philosophy had been focused primarily on transport and ground support craft. Now facing the reality of naval engagements on a scale not seen since the Throne War, planners had to rethink their tactics, resulting in a resurgence of dedicated warship designs.

The Stalwart class heavy cruiser was a direct result of this new design approach—a heavily armed and armored strike vessel designed for independent operations, specifically hunting down and destroying enemy skycruisers. Of the 12 hulls planned, only 9 were completed due to budget constraints.

Laid down in 1381 and completed in early 1382 as the 7th in her class, CAS Adamant benefited from many design improvements developed after the early experiences of her sister ships, most notably a refined barrier matrix and improved reactor design.

After a very rapid two week shakedown, Adamant received her trial by fire at the battle of Nanzere. In a heated engagement with the traitorist cruisers Cristophe and Ambrose, she took a critical hit to her port side SERA reactor, severely curtailing her maneuver and barrier matrices. Despite this near crippling blow, Adamant was victorious, destroying the Ambrose and sending Cristophe limping home with severe damage (to ultimately be decommissioned).

After the battle, Adamant returned to the Dullen dockyards for repairs, where she was given a special honor when her damaged reactor ‘stones were replaced with ‘stones from the decommissioned battleship CAS Inexorable, an aging vessel that had become famous for its well-documented rear-guard action at Els Farrow. Combined with her own record, these “lucky” engine cores gave Adamant a special aura of prestige and she has drawn more than her share of veteran crew.

In 1390 Adamant received an extensive refit, upgrading her main guns, improving her armor and overhauling her primary hull matrix.  She currently operates as an interdictor, hunting down Imperium vessels along the Coalition’s northern front. Under the command of Captain Geoffrey Halvere, a veteran on his 3rd command, Adamant has built a solid service record with well over 30 documented victories, including at least 19 vessels destroyed.

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