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Heya folks! After one fleeting day of unseasonably mild weather, winter’s chill grip has returned. Ah well, it’s a perfect day to huddle up inside with a cup of coffee and get a little writing done.

I’ve nearly completed the major revisions on Black Clouds. Only one chapter and a few errant scenes to go. AT LAST! I think it’s finally shaping up to be the book it should have been. Hopefully, with all that I’ve learned, Book Two will be so much easier.

Speaking of which, work on Fire and Stone-the second volume in the Wyrmweaver series-continues, albeit a bit delayed by the unexpected enormity of editing book one.

As I’ve mentioned in another post, Fire and Stone will give us our first real glimpse of Air Navy skycruisers doing their thing, which is, for the most part, blowing the bejesus out of one another with really big guns.

Of course, I’ve never served in the Navy, much less been in a real naval battle, so I had a lot of work to do before tackling these particular sequences. Fortunately, I’m dealing with fantasy, so I do get a bit of leeway on the details. But I still wanted to capture the spirit, if not the particulars, of capital ship engagements, specifically those of the early 20th century.

So it was off to the used book store, one of my favorite places to go for research materials, where I snagged a few more  inspirational tomes for my collection. Warfare is a central element in the Wyrmweaver setting so I put a lot of effort into making the battle scenes as visceral as I can without overshadowing the characters. Black Clouds gave us a tiny taste of the Shadowdragon War, but Fire and Stone will drop us right into the thick of it. It’s going to be pretty epic, so strap on your softfall harness and secure for battle.

Action stations! All ahead full!

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