Well, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?  I wish that I could say it was because I was incredibly busy, or even just lazy.  Sadly, that was not the case.  But whatever, I’m back.

So, the conundrum.  I’ve been splitting my time between a few projects, including Wyrmweaver: Book Two as well as a much needed revision of Book One.  Neither is progressing terribly fast but such is the joy of having a full time non-writing job.

Adding to the difficulty, however, has been a nagging desire to do illustration work.  As I might have mentioned before, Wyrmweaver began its life as a comic book concept.  Even though I eventually decided to try a novel instead, the notion of doing a comic has never fully been put to rest.

So, when the artist bug started threatening to gnaw off a leg (yeah, it can be that distracting) I finally revisited the comic idea.  I’ve done several test pages over the years, never quite hitting a style that I found appropriate to the story.  Interestingly, in playing around this week, I seem to have landed in the ballpark. This, of course, turned out to be as much a curse as a blessing, since I’m now tormented by visions of releasing the story as a graphic novel or web comic again.

I never expected too much with my first novel. Still, I’m generally happy with the steady, if small, stream of downloads (I’m sure that the free price helps a lot). However, experience has shown me that visuals always pull an audience in faster and I can’t help but think that a graphical version of the story would generate so much more interest.

So, I’m still mulling it over as I plug away at the manuscripts. I’d be happy to hear any input or suggestions.  Here’s the first test page, which is actually a scene from Big Girls Don’t Cry.  I wanted the style to invoke feelings of old WW2 pictures and movies and am still debating doing small splashes of desaturated color in places.  Comments are welcome. 🙂bgdc1 page 4

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