Ok, I fibbed a bit. The detailed write up of Enchantech will have to wait a post or two. But here’s a related topic: Rune Enhanced Body Armor. 😀

During the Throne War, Elandian magitechs, under pressure from their respective house leaders, worked feverishly to create ever more powerful weapons. As magic enhanced threats on the battlefield increased, so too did the need for better protection. Advancements in materials technology and alchemechanical fusion techniques eventually led to the development of REBAr, which was quickly copied and disseminated throughout the armies of every nation.

While inferior to Battlemancer runic armor, REBAr is, nevertheless, an infantryman’s best protection against both mundane and magical attack. Unfortunately, since the Imperium’s invasion and the subsequent Shadowdragon War, supplies of RuneBoosted gear have become increasingly limited, often being restricted to special forces and Arcane Corps units.

Shown below are two members of a Corps Dragonhunter Shiv Team. Both are similarly equipped with standard REBAr and EVI (Etheric Visual Imager) goggles. The armor would likely be imbued with basic material reinforcement and reactive deflection wards, as well as a limited strength enhancement schema. Recon units often have adaptive camouflage schema and aura dampers to help them hide from enemy visual and magical detection.

The corporal on the left is kitted with a standard rifleman’s kit consisting of the reliable G12-D 10mm “Kovel” Infantry Rifle and a mix of general-purpose and JAM (Jacketed Anti Magic) ammunition, the latter being reserved for engaging magical threats, primarily Imperial netherdragons.

The specialist on the right is a cabler. His kit consists of a G4 “Pilus” Cable Rifle and two fifty met lengths of reinforced steel wire. This magically enhanced cable is surprisingly lightweight and can resist several dozen foottonnes of force. Using clever ambush tactics, antidragon shiv teams are able, on occasion, to pin down an enemy netherdragon, depriving it of the advantage of flight so that they can engage in on the ground where they have a much better chance of killing it. It’s extremely dangerous work and has a rather low success rate. Cablers are usually assigned either the standard “Kovel” or a G9 carbine as a secondary weapon as well as one to three “Zapper” null grenades.

Illustrated in Manga Studio 5.

REBAr rev2

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