Hi folks!  As promised, here is a glance at a couple of Enchantech device designs for Wyrmweaver.  Enchantech refers to technomagical constructs that are wholly dependent on Vim to function, as opposed to Rune-Boosted gear (such as enhanced munitions) that can still function as mundane equipment without their magical effects.

The EP rifle and PVA shown here fall into the distinct category of BoosterTech and are used exclusively by specially trained Acane Corps Battlemancers.  Both are constructed around a micro K/F array designed to use standardized Vimstone cartridges.  Unlike larger siphoning arrays, boosters are designed for short burst, high-intensity Vim amplification.  The EP rifle and PVA utilize this amplified Vim in very different ways.

Enchantech plays a critical role in the Wyrmweaver story and the explanations into how it works actually takes up several pages in the reference guide (a bit too much to put here.)  In the next post I’ll try to summarize the more important elements.  G’night all. 🙂


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