The infamous “Widowmaker” of the 33rd Arcane Corps, Lieutenant Sheryl Lanis, in her customized battlemancer armor.  Similar to standard Coalition-issue REBAr (Rune-Enhanced-Body-Armor), battlemancer armor is designed to both protect as well as enhance the combat channeler’s abilities.  Sporting a complex matrix of protection runes and physical enhancement schema, the suit adds considerably to the battlemancers’ image of superhuman prowess.

On her left hip is an Esper Series II personal Vim amplifier, commonly known as a Booster.  Using a micro K/F array powered by two D2 rated Vimstones, the booster allows the battlemancer to amplify magical techniqs to levels rivaling dragonweaves.  Her weapon is a V3-A EP rifle.  The weapon is powered directly by Vim channeled by the user and fires highly discordant ethergenic bolts capable of disrupting magical barrier wards and shredding physical matter.  Extremely taxing to use, the EP rifle is a bane to both user and target alike, but is arguably the most feared man-portable weapon on the battlefield.


This illustration was penciled and inked in Manga Studio 5.  I’ll likely photoshop a color version in the future.  Next up, we’ll take a closer look at the EP rifle and booster designs and go a little bit deeper into how they work.  🙂

Lanis Armor rev 2

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