Sorry for the delay in posting.  Things have been a little crazy here lately.  I’ve been working with the local Renaissance Faire as a volunteer, helping to set up, create props and so forth.  We just finished breaking down and storing everything last night.  Tons of work, and we’re nowhere near as big as some of the regional faires.  Anyway, with that behind, I’m back to work on personal creative ventures.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I’m reworking and old idea of mine which is a Wyrmweaver Artbook/Reference guide.  There will be various sections devoted to characters, environments, tech, and so forth.  Here’s a look at a design sketch for one of the main characters.  There are plenty more in the works so stay tuned for updates.

And, yes, I AM still working on writing book two of the series.  Now if I could just dump the day job. 😛Image

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